2012 NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence Export Award

In Melbourne on 1st November 2012 at the 2012 NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence, Nolan Meats received the Excellence in Agribusiness Export Award sponsored by Monash University.

The awards, now in their 17th year, are the premier agribusiness awards in Australia that celebrate the achievements of the sector. The Agribusiness Awards for Excellence vision is to help the sector fully realise its potential by fostering and highlighting excellence, innovation and leadership.

Based in Gympie, South-east Queensland, Nolan Meats is an all Australian family owned enterprise which has had an amazing run of success over the past year, having been named winners of the Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce Emerging Exporter Award, the Premier of Queensland Exporter of the Year Award, a finalist in the Prime Minister’s Export Awards and were also awarded the 2012 DAFF Australian Biosecurity Award.

Like many Queensland businesses Nolan Meats have been operating in an environment challenged by last summer’s natural disasters, sensitive international market access requirements and a backdrop of ongoing global economic uncertainty. “It becomes especially challenging and demanding on resources when you are also trying to pioneer new systems” said director Terry Nolan.

The company operated at four sites including the Gympie Meat Processing Plant; Wide Bay Feedlot; and two Brisbane Coldstores. Their 350 team members produce high-quality meat products which are highly sought after by Australian and international consumers.

Nolan Meats was the first meat processor in Australia to operate under the Australian Export Meat Inspection System (AEMIS), which ushered in a new era of self-accountability for meat processors producing higher quality food safety outcomes and at the same time minimizing the burden of the full cost recovery government charges on industry.

AEMIS is an alternative inspection system, whereby the responsibility is placed on company employed, AQIS Authorised Officers to undertake inspection functions against the Australian Standards which are supported by a series of robust verification tools that enhance food safety. This system provides Federal Government inspection authorities with an improved range of objective data to assist them in their verification activities. With dedicated staff completing the inspections, the company takes ownership and responsibility for its meat quality and safety. This allows the business to operate above and beyond compliance and continually raise the bar on food safety standards.

Industry has now quickly embraced AEIMS as it not only has it the potential to save the Federal Government approximately $30 million annually but it also has created new career pathways for company employees and more robust food safety outcomes for consumers.

“Exporting has helped us diversify our business, creating jobs and certainty for our team which flows on to stability for our regional community. An innovative approach to food safety provides benefits to regulators, industry and consumers alike. We like to think that everybody can share in benefits of innovation and we thank the NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence for acknowledging our efforts.” says Terry Nolan.

Being named the winner of the Agribusiness Export Award recognizes the global leadership position Nolan Meats has achieved through the focus on family values, innovation and traditional quality product combined with a modern exporting approach.

The 2012 Australian Biosecurity Awards

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Australian Biosecurity Awards acknowledge individuals, groups or companies (excluding public sector organisations) who have contributed to Australia’s biosecurity effort in the previous 12 months.

Nolan Meats won this award by developing a quality assurance model that formed the basis of the new Australian Export Meat Inspection System (AEMIS). AEMIS provides a strong foundation for Australia’s exporters securing and improving market access and positioning Australia’s inspection and certification processes at the forefront of export industries worldwide.

The work done on our plant has brought about a ‘once in a generation’ change to how meat inspection is conducted in Australia through the new AEMIS (Australian Export Meat Inspection System). AEMIS has received formal recognition of the USA and this has been followed by the acknowledgement in Japan, Korea and Taiwan and the EU.

One of our goals at Nolan Meats has always been to achieve access to all international markets with company people fulfilling the meat inspection role as AQIS Authorised Officers which simultaneously provides a career path for company personnel, allows flexibility with the role the inspectors can perform and most importantly we believe enhances product safety. It is about ‘building quality in’ at all points of the supply chain to reduce costs. Quality and safety are our responsibilities through this ‘whole-of-chain’ system.

On the 25th August 2011 the Australian Meat Industry recognised the work done by us in awarding Nolan Meats, The AMPC Red Meat Processing Innovation Award 2011. The award recognises our company as demonstrating original, creative problem solving initiatives to the challenges faced within the meat processing environment. This shows our exceptional achievements in research, development and extension in innovation.

As at 1st October 2011 Nolan Meats were the only company in the world currently exporting to key markets of the United States, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and many others under the AEMIS system We innovated. We persisted. We established new boundaries. We discovered new alternatives. We believe that we have left a legacy for all exporters to benefit.

Queensland/Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Export Awards 2011

The annual Queensland/Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry export awards publicly recognise the talent and innovative spirit of Queensland’s top exporters to Japan and their important role in boosting the State and Australia’s economy.

On the 28th September 2011 Nolan Meats were awarded the Emerging Export Category.

The expansion out of supply only to the domestic beef market came about as part of our company’s pioneering efforts in the adoption of the Australian Export Meat Inspection System (AEMIS). Which in turn, lead us to the commencement of exporting to Japan just 11 months ago.

In November last year, Japan listed Nolan Meats as the first approved plant under AEMIS standards for export to Japan. Nolan’s is the only meat plant in the world now exporting to the key global markets of the US, Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan under the system.

We now export the equivalent of about a container a week to the Japanese market – importantly, a mix of offals and forequarter cuts like chucks, blades and point-end briskets which are keenly sought after in Japan.

Following the receival of this award, Nolan Meats will be further promoted in Japan and hopefully lead to more exposure of our company in that country.

The Premier of Queensland Export Awards

The Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards are presented each year to recognise the outstanding achievements of the state’s leading export businesses and industries.

Terry and Jan Nolan, Tony and Debbie Nolan, Michael and Robyn Nolan, Jim Bougoure , Alix Zillmann all of Nolan Meats were accompanied by local member David Gibson and his wife Alicia at the 2011 Queensland Premier’s Awards Ceremony held on Thursday 20th October. Master of Ceremonies Phillip Adams AO assisted The Honourable Andrew Fraser MP, Acting Premier, Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade in officiating on this gala night.

We had the surprise of being nominated for three categories on the night, making finalists in two, going on to win one, the Agribusiness Award, recognising outstanding achievement in the field of agricultural products. Nolan Meats were then received the coveted Premier of Queensland Exporter of the Year 2011, the overall title against strong competitors from the mining, technology and other business sectors.

The awards were largely in recognition of the company’s efforts in pioneering the application of food safety reforms under the ground-breaking Australian Export Meat Inspection System (AEMIS) which previously won us the AMPC Red Meat Processing Innovation Award 2011 in August.

Our company focus on traditional, family values combined with a modern export approach has given us success and recognition for our modified accreditation system, as well as diversifying the business, creating jobs and stability for our employees.

This strategy has helped us streamline our process, saving time and improving access to overseas markets by meeting the stringent food export standards both here in Australia and overseas, benefiting our customers by providing a hygienic product with a longer shelf-life at a lower cost.

“Nolan Meats has long had a goal to gain access to all international markets, with company people fulfilling the meat inspection role,”

“We saw such a move as simultaneously providing a stronger career path for personnel, and greater flexibility and efficiency within the role carried out by meat inspectors. Most important of all, we believe AEMIS enhances product safety, and that view has been endorsed by international customers and food safety regulators.”

“It’s about building-in quality at all points of the supply chain to reduce costs. Quality and safety are our responsibilities under the system,”
Terry Nolan, Director, Nolan Meats.

“This year’s celebrations took on a new focus, to recognise the remarkable resilience and courage displayed by our world-class exporters after the summer of natural disasters,”

“In the wake of some exceptionally tough circumstances, the winners and finalists for 2011 showed true Queensland spirit to get on with the job and take their products to the world.”

“We know exporting is vital to Queensland’s economy and jobs, which is why we need to continue to look beyond our borders to grow established relationships and develop new markets. This opens Queensland up for trade with more nations and helps to continue developing our world-class industries and create new jobs.”
Andrew Fraser, Acting Premier.