$45,000 bid for charity led steer created an Australian record

September 23, 2014


A LED steer, Bruce, sold for charity on Tuesday 23rd September at Brisbane’s historic Breakfast Creek Hotel, on of Australia’s most iconic steakhouse pubs, made what is believed to be a national record prices for a non-stud animal sold at auction.

Geoff Atkinson, principal of Brisbane’s Beak a la Carte red meat portion-cutting and value-adding business, paid $45,000 for the steer, in what has become an annual fundraising tradition.

Last year, a similar steer made $21,000 and the year before that, $25,000, but nobody was expecting this years record-shattering outcome.

Nolan Meats bought the steer from St John’s College and donated it to the Breakfast Creek Hotel to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research at the Mater Foundation and PA Hospital Research Foundation through the QHA Hotel Care Project. Each September for the past ten years, 230 ALH hotels across Queensland have participated to collectively raise more than $2 million for the worthy charity.

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