Local Cut ‘Meats’ With High TV Rating

April 27, 2005

The Gympie Times 27.04.2005 Story: Hayley Nissen 
“IT’S true – Nolan Meats Private Selection is the best beef money can buy – just ask Todd and Francesca Farr from television reality hit show My Restaurant Rules. 
The celebrity couple operating Restaurant Louvre in Brisbane are so impressed by our beef that they told Gympie couple Jenny and Geoff Stolberg just that when the Stolbergs stopped in at the restaurant for lunch on Saturday. 
Jenny and Geoff were surprised when they were handed the menu and found the local beef in a prime position on the menu. 
“We were the last people in and the last people to leave. Todd sat beside us and talked to us for about 10 minutes about business,” Jenny said. 
“He said he’d been stuffed around by other meat suppliers, but found that since dealing with Nolan Meats, everything was working out fine. They were rapt, they couldn’t talk about it enough.” 
Todd then signed a copy of the menu for Gympie’s Michael Nolan, praising him for producing a quality cut of meat. Jenny presented the signed menu to Michael, who was delighted that his family’s product had been recognised in such a popular light. 
“It’s great, it’s a good endorsement,” he said. 
“This comes on the tail end of the award we just won for marketing and promotion for primary industry in Queensland.” 
Nolan Meats currently supplies the restaurant with 20 cartons per week of the tenderloin eye fillet and continues to supply to distributors all over Australia. 
The Private Selection has been available since November 2003 and, according to Todd, it won’t be slipping off the menu at Restaurant Louvre any time soon. 
That’s providing the restaurant stays in the competition because a large per cent of customers – 75 per cent according to Jenny for Saturday’s lunch – order the mouth watering main.” 
NOTE: Restaurant Louvre sources their meat from Village Meats in Rosalie.