“Private Selection” excels in the 2006 RNA Branded Beef Competition

July 13, 2006

The Royal National Association (RNA) together with co-sponsors, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) has showcased Australia’s branded beef products at the 2006 Royal Queensland Show Branded Beef Competition. 
The following is an excerpt from the Queensland Country Life: 
“Royal Queensland Show’s 2006 beef industry program kicked off with a burst last week when the innovative branded beef taste test competition was decided at Brisbane’s carnivore headquarters, Cha Cha Char restaurant. 
Nine commercial MSA-graded beef brands sourced from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia were entered in the second annual competition, representing a spectrum of breeds, organic and conventional production systems, and grainfed and grassfed finishing programs. 
Entries were judged along conventional taste panel testing lines, based on tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall liking, using both grill and roast categories. While there was little to separate entries based on tenderness and juiciness scales, it was the wide divergence in flavour that surprised some guest judges.” 
Nolan Meats’ Private Selection yearling grainfed product placed a close second in this competition which is a glowing endorsement from experts within our own industry and serves as further proof of the quality of “Private Selection”.