“Private Selection” mixes with the best in the 2008 RNA Branded Beef Competition

July 19, 2008

Private Selection won the Bronze award at the 2008 RNA Branded Beef Competition. Entries were from all over Australia with each state represented with entries ranging from grass fed to 400 day grain fed beef. 

The Gold and Silver award winners were from 300 day grain fed animals. Private Selectionis finished on grain for 70 days. The fourth place getter was from a 400 day grain fed Wagyu.

Nolan Meats are proud of the fact that Private Selection can mix it with and beat these longer fed animals. The result further supports our outlook that it involves a series of processes carried out correctly rather than one single aspect to create the perfect steak 

By making sure all of the correct processes are followed, the consumer is able to purchase consistent quality beef year round from the Private Selection n range.