Quality Standards

Nolan Meats has developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance System since 1987 which has enabled us to deliver the highest quality products to both Australian and International consumers. Nolan Meats is fully committed to our quality assurance system, and this, in combination with good leadership, will ensure the long-term success of the company which is totally dependent on supplying our valued customers with a quality product every time.

Our plant is one of a limited number of abattoirs in Australia to be AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 certified. We hold an AUS-MEAT A+ Accreditation and were one of the early licensees to participate in the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) tenderness guarantee scheme, which ensures that nothing is left to chance. Nolan Meats is also committed to providing our customers with high quality meat that not only meets their expectations but is second to none in eating quality. Nolan Meats is committed to producing a product that consistently exceeds all requirements of AUS-MEAT and MSA.

Each and every step in the production process, from the pasture to the plate, is assigned with the highest quality standards, which are regularly measured, documented and evaluated. This results in an uncompromisingly high standard of quality and continuous improvement, which ensures that our customers ever changing needs and requirements are always met.

We have a comprehensive training system, which is incorporated into our companys quality manual. We therefore pride ourselves in our ability to pass on the necessary skills to our people to operate a sustainable meat processing enterprise with a dual focus on both food safety and productivity.