Service and Value

“Delivering pleasurable meat moments – everytime”

Nolan Meats service standards are underpinned by the provisions of the uncompromisingly high AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 international quality standard, the service objectives of which include:

  • Market leadership in both pricing and service
  • To empower Team Members’ proactive involvement in continuous improvement and customer focus.

Our Customer Service Team is always exploring ways to better serve our valued customers in the retail, wholesale, food service and export sectors. Although distribution of Nolan Meats product now includes overseas, we still place a high focus on the Australian market. As a business with roots in retail butchering, we understand the needs of meat retailers. Our Customer Service Team works to ensure that these requirements are satisfied. A reliable ordering method, prompt delivery and produce quality are all high priorities.

Nolan Meats is continually researching our breeding and processing methods to ensure that we are supplying the best beef that money can buy, all year round. All our cuts are lean and tender, with little or no waste, consistently giving our customers great value for money. We believe that the establishment of our premium beef brand Private Selection now enables us to provide the perfect steak, guaranteed.

In 2012 Nolan Meats launched a second tier MSA underpinned brand called ValeVale reflects the good old-fashioned Australian value that everybody deserves good beef. Vale  celebrates the heritage  value of our company’s founders.

We respect the beliefs of the Muslim people and at the same time respect our cattle are grown for food production so we also implement the highest Animal Welfare Standards.  We ensure that our processes comply both with AGAHP and National Animal Welfare Standards For Livestock Processing Establishments. Halal beef produced by Nolan Meats is now distributed throughout the world.

Our fleet of modern, well maintained refrigerated transport vehicles adds another dimension to our company. Our transport operation is one of only a limited number of AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 certified transport operations in Australia. This provides our local customers with a reliable, food safety conscious delivery service right along the coastal strip between the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Rockhampton.