Dining Out

If you are looking for a pleasurable meat moment and don’t want the hassles of cooking at home, there are a number of Australia’s finest restaurants, steakhouses, pubs, clubs and hotels where you will be able to find Nolan Meats Private Selection Succulent Australian beef on the menu.


We have been able to capture the opinions of a number of executive chefs from some of these restaurants on what they think of Nolan Meats Private Selection brand of MSA beef and what the product has done for their businesses:

“Choosing Nolan Meats Private Selection beef for the menu at the Peregian Beach Hotel has proved to be extremely successful. This is due to the consistent tenderness of this perfectly aged full-flavored beef. We hear the same comment every week best steak I have ever eaten.”
Paul Tait
Executive Chef
Peregian Beach Hotel

“Organizing a busy kitchen is hard enough without having to deal with inconsistencies of tenderness, taste and quality in beef (our highest selling meat) products. Thankfully Nolan Meats use strict grading processes to ensure a top-quality beef product every time, leaving us with hassle free preparation and confidence that every steak we serve will be thoroughly enjoyed.”
Oliver Lachat
Head Chef
The Avenue Restaurant & Saloon

“As the owner/operator of the Waterfront Bistro at the Darwin Sailing Club, I look for products that provide consistently high quality that will have my customers returning time after time. I use Nolan Meats because it provides me with the reliability and reputation that results from using only the highest quality produce. Every time our customers order a steak, they know they are getting a tender, flavorsome and juicy steak.”
Peter Lay
Head Chef
Waterfront Bistro
Darwin Sailing Club